Armor 300
35 - Turrets
Ammo 20
∞ - Turrets
Damage 30 Per Round
2.5 Per Round - Turrets
Fire Rate 1 Round Per Second
5 Rounds Per Second - Turrets
Appears in BattleTanx: Global Assault
Cassandra's Forces

The Annihilator is a boss tank found in BattleTanx: Global Assault, considered to be a stronger variant of the Goliath. It sports heavier armor, is slightly faster, has a lower ammo capacity, and carries two autonomous Gatling guns (one Gatling turret on each side) which can be destroyed independently of the tank. Annihilators are the most expensive and dangerous tanks yet known to man.

When facing one, it is often wise to destroy the weak Gatling turrets before focusing on the main tank. Annihilators take time to kill, and destroying the automated guns will reduce the amount of damage a combatant will sustain while wearing the Annihilator down.

Annihilators have yet to be seen attached to a rail-bed. It is unknown if Annihilators are still equipped with the undercarriage necessary to ride on rails.


  • Three variants of Annihilator tank (TANKBOSSA, TANKBOSSB, TANKBOSSC) are playable by use of a GameShark code.