"BattleTanx: Global Assault" is the second game in the BattleTanx series, developed and published by 3DO. It was released on August 31st, 1999 for the Nintendo 64. A Playstation port was later released on February 29th, 2000.

The sequel expanded the series gameplay significantly. Several new tanks have been added, as well as a few new powerups and game modes. New gangs make their appearance, with some returning from the previous game. The amount of playable maps has also increased, now including locations in Europe.


The year is 2006, five years after the X-2 Virus brought on the apocalypse. Griffin Spade was successful in rescuing his wife Madison from the clutches of several gangs across the United States. The two now rule the city of San Francisco, with Madison being its Queenlord. They also have a son, Brandon, who is unusually intelligent and active for his age. Together, they hope to rebuild civilization amongst the ruins.

Recently, however, Griffin has been having nightmares about a Queenlord he's sure he has seen before. His instincts indicate that this is much more than a nightmare, and that his family may now be in danger. Soon, he will uncover the truth of a threat greater than any he has faced before.


Global Assault plays essentially the same as it's predecessor. The player(s) select from a total 12 different gangs to play as, each with a different army of tanks and starting powerups. They are pitted against computer controlled armies or other players in a variety of different game types.


Single Player
See Also - Campaign Mode (Global Assault)

The Campaign of Global Assault is divided up into 18 separate missions (as well as one secret mission). Like in the previous game, many objectives involve rescuing specific targets, destroying all enemies on the map, or crossing a bridge successfully. There are now also objectives that involve destroying specific enemies or structures, and escorting convoys to their destination.

Instead of having a set amount of lives during the game, you can now select your tanks by spending Tank Bucks. These can be found throughout the campaign and are also awarded for every 10,000 points you score. Each tank costs a certain amount of Tank Bucks, and if you are unable to afford any, it's game over. Not all tanks are available right away, and some are only available in multiplayer.


Global Assault also allows you to play the campaign cooperatively with a friend (only 2 players, unfortunately). It works roughly the same as single-player, the key difference being that all Tank Bucks are shared.


Global Assault has added four new multiplayer game modes to the mix, though it has dropped its predecessors Annihilation Mode. The game modes available are listed as follows...


The traditional free-for-all mode of the series. The first player to reach 10 kills wins.


Each player is given a Queenlord in their base to protect. The first player that captures all opposing Queenlords and returns them safely to their base is the winner.

Tank Wars

Plays face off against each other for 3 minutes. Once the timer hits zero, the player with the highest score wins.


Queenlords will appear randomly throughout the map. The first player to acquire 10 of them will win.


One player or team is assigned to protecting a group of convoys until it reaches its destination. The opposing player or team must destroy them before they can accomplish this. Whichever group succeeds will be the winner.

Hold 'Em

A Queenlord will appear in the center of the map. The first player to capture her, return her to their base, and hold onto them for 30 seconds, wins.

Family Mode

A more advanced version of Deathmatch. Players are now given unlimited ammo for their primary weapons, and all powerups are automatically armed in sequence upon pickup. Single-Button controls are utilized as well.


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