Cassandra was the mastermind behind the X2 Virus, and the main antagonist in BattleTanx: Global Assault. She released the virus to kill off all women who were not Edge sensitive like herself. Cassandra is also very interested in Brandon Spade for his latent Edge powers. Her forces also have Annihilator tanks at their disposal.



San Francisco Invasion

The invasion and subsequent takeover of San Francisco began after Cassandra had spotted Griffin, Madison, and little Brandon having a family moment behind one of their tanks on the bridge. It was then revealed that Griffin and Madison were adept to the Edge, and Brandon was a prodigy in waiting.

Later that night, Cassandra gathered her forces and took SF head on. However, Griffin had a vision of this disaster and was headed off to battle. Realizing her impending defeat, she released the Edge upon Griffins units, turning them against him and his family and forcing them to retreat east.

Brandon's Capture

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The Final Assault

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Bases of Operation

Texas Slave Fortress

Cassandra's slave fortress is where the experiments were done on Edge-sensitive individuals.


Cassandra kept many allies and bases in Europe, most notably the Eiffel Tower and Brandenburg Gate compounds.

Gang Relationships

Whether by friendly greeting or Edge wave, Cassandra has the upper hand when it comes to making allies where it counts.

  • Shadow Ops - An evil empire needs a network, and a network needs an Administrator.
  • Dark Angels - Because a simple cult will do anything to try and be even close to powerful.
  • Skull Riderz - Bikers like their territory, why not give it to them in exchange for something more?
  • Crimson Guard - They need a "Queen" after all.
  • Storm Ravens - Women gotta stick together.
  • Les Misérables - Giving them something other to do than drugs.