Armor 40
Ammo 100
Damage 15 Per Round
Fire Rate 1.5 Rounds Per Second
Appears in BattleTanx: Global Assault
Madison's Militia
Storm Ravens
Shadow Ops
Crimson Guard PSX Only
Iron Maidens

The FLP-E, "Full Lateral Propulsion - Experimental" (or "Flippy"), is an iconic tank from BattleTanx: Global Assault. The design is invertible, having no true dorsal side. It is capable of performing lateral rolls at will.

Armor, speed, and firepower have all been kept mediocre to accommodate this talent.

The fixed center-line 105mm cannon is directly in front of the crew's seating module (which rotates freely to compensate for the tank's rolling). As such, any larger bore would have upset the tank's balance or yielded an intolerable amount recoil.

Each track module, or Nacelle, recycles compressed exhaust and saturates it with fuel to be ignited when lateral motion is desired. Each ignition funnels a jet-like explosion tangential to the vehicle's center-of-mass in order to achieve the torque necessary for the FLP-E's octagonal frame to roll. With each half-roll, track-control is adjusted to reflect the vehicle's new orientation. It is theoretically possible for some of the jets to roll the FLP-E backwards or cause it to hop, but no active tanks have been wired to exploit this.

In the hands of an experienced driver, lateral rolling enables the FLP-E to dodge projectiles coming from currently engaged targets, especially when they come at a low rate of fire. Furthermore, the FLP-E can use its rolling to circle-strafe slow or immobile platforms. Both of these traits make FLP-E tanks more capable than most at confronting the Goliath.

Madison Spade was so impressed by the tank's emphasis on intelligent survivability that nearly half of all vehicles operated by Madison's Militia are FLP-Es. The remaining prototypes were recovered and fielded in small numbers by Shadow Ops and Storm Ravens.


BattleTanx: Global Assault

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