BattleTanx Gamemodes

Battlelord pits the players (and A.I. opponents alike) in a match to capture each other's queenlords and bring them back to their bases. When one player or team holds all the queenlords at their base(s), they win. Players can die infinitely in this mode, though if they die too often they will respawn slower. This is the only mode to feature true bases for the players, and they are set up with awesome firepower. However, with the use of items this power can be mitigated or ignored and with enough offense the bases can be damaged to the point of being largely ineffective at protecting queenlords. All of the bases have gun emplacements either with machine guns, guided missiles, or lasers. In the campaign mode, when capturing the queenlord, the gun emplacements will usually be very large and be hidden or powerful.

Deathmatch is a fight between players to accumulate seven kills. The first to seven kills win. Again, players respawn infinitely, but will noticeably respawn slower if they die too often. - *Family Mode Deathmatch, but ammo cannot be switched, only used up. + *Family Mode is the best representative of a deathmatch mode, with but one stipulation: all items are used before regular ammo can be accessed, and items cannot be switched. This can make otherwise useful items, like the cloaking device, difficult to pick up in large numbers. In addition, the player may pick up useful weapons but not be able to use them until they fire dozens of rounds of weaker weaponry. - *Annihilation provides each competitor with five tanks, last survivor wins. + *Annihilation provides each competitor with five tanks. The tanks that the players get are identical to the tanks their particular gang is shown with in the gang selection screen. The player controls one of the tanks and the computer controls the others. The armies then proceed to blow each other into piles of rubble. When a human player dies, they will automatically switch to another tank in their army and resume control of it (assuming there are tanks left). The smaller tanks, while being able to implement useful strategies in other modes, are particularly vulnerable in this mode where they could potentially get matched up against dozens of Goliaths. Players do not respawn in this mode; whoever is still alive at the end of the massacre is declared the winner. This match can play fast on small maps such as The Arena.