Armor 50
Ammo 60
Damage 15 2 Rockets
Fire Rate 1.5 Rounds Per Second
Appears in BattleTanx: Global Assault
Cassandra's Forces
Skull Riderz
Cold Warriors

The Hornet missile tank was introduced in BattleTanx: Global Assault. Built on a medium platform with average speed and armor, the Hornet is best known for its weapon, a surface-to-air missile launcher. Its turret has been modified to fire on ground targets with two unguided missiles at a time.

The missiles launch with little recoil, fly parallel briefly, and then gradually arc inward. They cross paths at a moderate distance and proceed to diverge, making this the only tank whose primary weapon has a focal point (though Swarmers may be equipped to support other tanks). Within the focal point, aiming is straightforward and both rockets might hit the target. At the focal point, both rockets will hit the target no matter how small it is. Beyond the focal point, missile divergence is so significant that skilled gunners must choose which missile trajectory to aim with, and only that missile will hit its target.

The Hornet is unique in that it is the only tank capable of blind-fire, firing without exposing any of itself. Missiles may be fired as a hookshot, turning left or right in excess of 90 degrees before straightening up. With this feature, Radar benefits the Hornet tremendously (even more than the Marksman) because it may engage enemies around the corners of buildings before they realize they are threatened. Hookshots are the safest way to eliminate a railed Goliath defending its base.

Despite the complications of aiming a Hornet, it is effective against evasive targets because the arcing missiles spread to cover more area. And when the missiles hit, they inflict a remarkable amount of damage considering their quick rate of fire. An intense Hornet barrage has the added advantage of obscuring the target's visibility, though visual obstruction works both ways (which makes radar all the more valuable).

As vehicle of Russian origin, they are used almost exclusively by the Cold Warriors. Export versions occasionally show up, recovered from Mexican scrapyards and kept running by the few crews faithful enough to maintain them.


BattleTanx: Global Assault

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