Armor 35
Ammo 750
Damage 1.5 Per Round
Fire Rate 15 Rounds Per Second
Appears in BattleTanx: Global Assault
Griffin's Army
Brandon's Gang
Dark Angels
Skull Riderz
Crimson Guard
Les Misérables

The Inferno is one of the new tanks of Global Assault. The tank's primary weapon is a turreted Flamethrower. Infernos are relatively inexpensive, with fairly weak armor and a speed only slightly better than average. Given that most tanks have better armor and may be outfitted with a secondary flamethrower, this design is widely considered obsolete.

The Inferno's greatest shortcoming its extremely limited range. Infernos must be driven carefully, away from wide-open areas, to avoid being destroyed with impunity. Once up close, however, they are able to lay a steady stream of fire against a target until its engine, crew, and ammunition supply succumb to the heat. Flamethrowers are the best weapons for circumventing a Rhino's thick forward shield, laying waste to it by igniting its exposed ammunition feed.

A special nozzle at the end of the Inferno's barrel is able to divert its stream of fuel directly left or right. Infernos, thus, do not need to completely turn in order to engage targets. Use of the nozzle can be invaluable given how quickly targets can move at the close ranges this tank requires. The nozzle also makes it possible for Inferno crews to fire around corners with very little of their tank exposed.

If an Inferno survives long enough to conduct a retreat, it may theoretically blind its attacker by trailing a firewall.

As a cheap support tank, the design is almost universally available. Even Brandon's personal escort finds it useful for tying up assailants so he may escape in the event he's endangered.


BattleTanx: Global Assault

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