Armor 15
Ammo 250
Damage 1 Per Round
Fire Rate 10 Per Second
Appears in BattleTanx
BattleTanx (Gameboy Color)
BattleTanx: Global Assault
Madison's Militia
Brandon's Gang
Cassandra's Forces
Skull Riderz
Psycho Brigade
Mech Maniax
Charlie Company
After Shocks
Dark Angels
Storm Ravens
Crimson Guard
Les Misérables

The MotoTank is one of the available tanks in the BattleTanx Series. As its name suggests, it is a hybrid of a motorcycle & tank, with a single wheel at the prow and a set of treads protecting the rear flanks. It is traditionally equipped with twin .50 caliber machine guns, as larger-bore cannons would make the the vehicle top-heavy. As the smallest of tanks, it is the easiest to maneuver through minefields and narrow alleyways.

Due to space- and weight-concerns, the MotoTank is almost always turret-less. MotoTanks are usually limited to a single-man crew (who is intimately familiar with his vehicle), but most designs can accommodate an extra passenger by the removal of ammunition from the cockpit.

Turret-less, the MotoTank must face its target to engage it. However, focusing too intently on a target will leave the weakly-armored vehicle vulnerable to returning fire. A number of MotoTank pilots have outfitted each tread of their vehicle with an emergency-brake, enabling them to perform extremely sharp turns. Frantic maneuvering somewhat alleviates the vulnerability of this vehicle, as proven by the hectic driving accomplished by MotoTank aces.

Minor customizations are common on the MotoTank due to the personal nature of its operation. Gangs with limited assets, such as the Skull Riderz and Storm Ravens, are known to rely heavily on MotoTanks, though they swear it is due to a preference for high mobility rather than a lack of resources.


In both games, the MotoTank is the fastest, weakest, and cheapest tank at 5 Tank Bucks.


In the first BattleTanx, the MotoTank was among the three tanks available. It offers the greatest speed and quickest rate-of-fire, with a large ammo capacity to back it up. These advantages are greatly offset by inferior armor and firepower. MotoTanks are so vulnerable, in fact, that Goliaths are able to flatten them in collisions.

BattleTanx: Global Assault

In BattleTanx: Global Assault, the MotoTank remains practically unchanged. Quad exhaust-pipes were added to displace the vehicle's heat-signature. The introduction of speedy Hovertanks, which may flatten MotoTanks in the same way Goliaths do, has made the design somewhat more vulnerable than before.