Armor 25
Ammo 250
Damage 2 Per Round
Fire Rate 15 Rounds Per Second
Appears in BattleTanx: Global Assault
Madison's Militia
Skull Riderz
Storm Ravens
Les Misérables

The Rattler is a new light tank available in BattleTanx: Global Assault. Being somewhat larger than the MotoTank, the Rattler enjoys better armor and firepower, but it is more cumbersome as a result. It is still the second-fastest tank design available.

The Rattler is equipped with a forward-facing 20mm gatling gun, the sound of which gives the tank its name. The gun is centrally fixed and easy to aim. It produces a steady stream of bullets which can quickly overcome armored targets. But because the Rattler suffers from the MotoTank's faults of having no turret and being too weak to absorb returning fire (one hit from a Goliath could kill either), shoot-and-scoot tactics are usually employed.

The two-man crew, seated abreast, occupies the heart of the vehicle. Each track is fitted with an independent emergency-brake, enabling the Rattler to perform extremely fast turns like its lighter cousin. Unlike its lighter cousin, the Rattler is too tall for other tanks to flatten.

Though it is exceptionally stable for its weight, the Rattler was designed with invertible tracks as a precaution. The engine will operate long enough upside-down for the tank to find a wall, against which it can right itself. It was in testing this feature that the FLP-E design was conceived.

Rattlers are reliable and easy to find parts for, so they are built wherever affordable firepower is desired (which is pretty much everywhere). Many Storm Ravens escaped captivity by stealing the first Rattler they got access to.


BattleTanx: Global Assault

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