From their point of view, men were responsible for the apocalypse (and everything else, for that matter). Only a new matriarchal order will be able to rebuild society free from the violence of male control.

The Storm Ravens are a gang encountered in BattleTanx and BattleTanx: Global Assault. This ruthless group of women survivors patrol the western United States and have sworn loyalty to Cassandra. In return, she has promised to teach them the ways of the Edge.



Though they are a playable gang, the Ravens do not appear at all throughout the entire campaign of BattleTanx.

BattleTanx: Global Assault

The Ravens make their official appearance near the end of the game, during the invasion of San Francisco. Cassandra orders the Ravens to attack Griffin and Madison forces, intent on stealing Brandon back. After the assault fails, her and the Ravens retreat to Alcatraz for a final showdown. Their attempts prove to be futile, and their armies are defeated.

The Ravens also appear during the secret mission, having taken over the SF docks. The Spades manage to defeat them using only Attack Boats.


In BattleTanx, the Storm Ravens are not selectable through normal means, but can be unlocked by entering the following code - WMNRSMRTR - which is given to the player upon completion of the campaign.

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